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+1 910-329-1909

1197 South Parker Road, Holly Ridge, NC 28445
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  • Lindsey Stone
    Sep, 08 2018
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    The initial install was seamless and their service was great. A year later, we had new neighbors moving into the house built just behind us and found out our fence was a few inches off our property due to the fence post being placed around a tree stump. We were told by the neighbor's realtor Andy's fence does this often and they'd never pay for all of it but to get an estimate and then ask for them to cover some of the cost. I asked for an estimate on June 27th. On July 3rd they came out and said they'd email me. I was pleased with their promptness. I called five times in the month of July to get my estimate and was told I'd receive a call back. August comes and the neighbors realtor calls with our estimate ($1200 to move the back line of a fence, no new materials, are you kidding?), trying to set up our agreement with them on her own. I called and emailed Andy's fence asking they contact me with the estimate I had requested directly if they wanted the work. I have yet heard nothing from them, not even an apology. I also have no idea how this woman got my phone number and my estimate from them herself. In the meantime I've called another company who will fix the fence line for $600 - half the cost of Andy's estimate he'd given the neighbor's realtor, with the added bonus that they'll adjust the sagging gates and nail in several panels to the support beams that had been missed by Andy's Fence. Our realtor originally recommended to us and I have no idea why. Save yourself the headache and call some one who believes in quality of work and service not just quick delivery of a shoddy product.
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Andy's Fence

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